Our Medicare Basics book is on Kindle!

Our partner organization, Aging Energized, is hard at work creating new books and online courses to help people enjoy the journey of aging. Its initial offerings are focused on Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid.

These learning resources are invaluable for people as they approach their retirement and begin to enjoy their golden years. You can find all the resources on the Aging Energized website, along with articles about other aging-related topics.

One of Aging Energized’s most popular products is its book about Medicare, called  Medicare Basics: Learn How to Choose the BEST Medicare Plans for YOUR personal situation. This book is now available on Kindle and can be purchased from Amazon.

Medicare Basics Book Saves You Money

This book starts at the beginning and works through the important details you need to know about Medicare. After a short overview of Medicare’s parts, you learn the details of when you need to sign up. This alone is worth the price of the book, because it can save you lots of late penalties that become a part of your Medicare premium for the rest of your life. The book then goes on to explain each of Medicare’s parts in detail.

Throughout the book, recommendations and guidance are provide to help you understand how this information pertains to you. Examples and a case study are used to communicate key points. The closing chapters go into detail about different scenarios for what plans a person might choose and the potential financial impact.




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