eLearning With Video Animations

There are many ways to communicate information. Many times, a picture is worth a thousand words. And sometimes an animation is worth even more. Whether you’re teaching a new user how to use your application or convincing a potential customer why they should buy your product, a video animation is often the easiest way to get your point across.

Consider the simple task of creating a blog post (such as this one) in a WordPress blog. It would take several paragraphs of fairly un-interesting text to spell out the basic steps involved. After reading the steps, you may or may not have a clear picture in your mind of how to perform the task. By conveying the information in an animated tutorial, there’s no second-guessing involved. You see and hear exactly what the steps are. This sample video animation demonstrates the task of creating a blog post in less than a minute.

Video animations are often referred to as “eLearning.” eLearning is by no means the only way to communicate step-by-step instructions. But many times it’s the most effective.




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