Aging Energized Launches

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my new business, Aging Energized. Created in collaboration with my co-founder Phil Kilcoin, this business is dedicated to providing information and education as you navigate the changes related to growing older.

We aim to help you learn ways to enhance and simplify your journey into your golden years. If you’re helping your aging parents, we have information on that too. We want to be your trusted advisor for useful information and helpful resources about topics such as Medicare, Social Security, retirement, living a healthy lifestyle, and enjoying life as you age.

We offer courses too. Our first course is called Medicare Basics. We’ve done the research and simplified what you need to know about Medicare. Seasoned Medicare enrollees who’ve taken this course tell us they wish they’d had this course before they signed up for Medicare because it would have saved them 20-30 hours of online research. We present everything you need to know in an organized, easy to understand format so you’ll be prepared to make the necessary choices when you sign up for Medicare.

We have other courses in development as well, on topics such as Social Security and retirement planning.

We also have a library of articles we’ve written on various topics.

Please join us in this new venture and let us help you enjoy the journey!




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