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Throughout this website, several books are mentioned. Find them here, along with other books we find useful as communicators and business owners.

WordPress For Dummies 9th Edition by Lisa Sabin-Wilson is a handy reference to the ins and outs of just about everything WordPress-related. This website is created in WordPress, and Sabin-Wilson’s book is  an invaluable resource for us.  If you purchase this book, be sure you get the most recent version, which is currently the 9th edition. 



A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future by Daniel Pink describes our current status quo regarding technology workers: “Mere survival today depends on being able to do something that overseas knowledge workers can’t do cheaper, that powerful computers can’t do faster.” Published in 2006, Pink made a good case that we were entering a new age called the Conceptual Age, where knowledge workers will “supplement our well-developed high-tech abilities with abilities that are high concept and high touch.” The topic is even more relevant today as companies and knowledge workers continue to compete with overseas knowledge workers, AI, and automation. Check out Cindy’s blog for more about this book.

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